Over 3,000,000 sales & leads, since 2010.

Powered by HitPath's tracking platform, quality controlled with Forensiq's intelligence database, and delivered through hundreds of carefully screened and approved marketing partners.

GuruMedia’s vetting process of marketing partners is on par with government level security clearances, including multi-point proof of identity, cross-checking background information, extensive interview process, and proof of online marketing activities.

GuruMedia’s goal is to provide the ultimate platform for both advertiser campaigns and affiliate marketing partners, with cutting edge technology, personalized support, great resources and a dedicated team focused on constantly improving the online marketing experience for both advertisers and affiliate marketing partners.

In accordance with that goal, GuruMedia strives to acquire the highest quality sales and leads through a network of carefully screened and chosen affiliate marketing partners who are dedicated to the long term success of the network and the advertiser campaigns. Additionally, GuruMedia’s campaign managers ensure professional relationships and transparent communications with the advertisers to solidify the long term success of the campaigns.

Whether you’re satisfied with the current volume and quality of your sale and leads, or not, GuruMedia is without a doubt a great choice and addition to your current online marketing strategy, and hopefully GuruMedia will prove to be the top successful strategy for your advertising campaigns.

  • Hitpath

    Powered by Hitpath's comprehensive and intelligent tracking platform.

  • Forensiq

    Quality controlled with Forensiq's intelligence database.

  • Managers

    Professional and transparent campaign managers.

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